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We love integrating new services into the Vivo platform - and opening up APIs to integrate with supplier and customer systems.

Third Party Services

We work with various third party service providers to build a unique service package for our marketplace clients and their customers and suppliers.


We love opening up the Vivo platform APIs to work seamlessly with customer and supplier systems and processes, making data exchange a snap!


We know that our marketplaces need to work alongside your existing systems investments, so we work hard to make data upload, download and file transfer easy.

Want to know more about integrating your systems and services into Vivo B2B marketplaces? Let's talk!


Work with us to bring next-generation digital services to our clients. We're always interested in hearing from talented people, so don't be shy - let's talk!

Software Engineer

DevOps, Continuous Deployment...

Symfony / PHP Developer

Front and back-end development

Junior Developer

Hands-on coding and skills development


New for 2017 we're planning a series of explorer projects to take our B2B marketplaces into even more exciting territory in the future, creating an opportunity for talented students to work on a live organisational project alongside their studies. Interested? Let's talk!

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